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Training and start

Cor Schaap, a painter born in Katwijk aan Zee, specializes in oil paintings with an impressionist style, in which beach scenes are a recurring theme. His bond with the sea is deeply rooted, as he comes from a fishing family: his father was a fisherman and his grandfather a shell fisherman. Despite attending the art academy in The Hague in the late 1980s, Schaap initially opted for a career in the design and media sector. However, three chronic illnesses forced him to adjust his career and focus more on working from home, in which painting came to play a beneficial role. Cor Schaap is married to Trudy Schuitemaker (fishing and fashion branch) and has three children and five grandchildren. Trudy (inset) sells the paintings in her shop 'Handmade Mary's' at Voorstraat 24 in Katwijk aan Zee.


During his artistic development, Schaap received guidance from various artists. Niek van der Plas, a neighbor, gave him valuable advice during their joint walks on the beach. Hans Versfelt, who advised him in his early days in 2019, taught him the techniques of painting 'en plein air' in Kijkduin. However, Schaap learned most of his skills and techniques from Joop van Leeuwen, an impressionist from The Hague. A book has been published about this learning period with ISBN/EAN number 9789090360959.


Schaap works either outside or in the small, cozy studio behind his house, where, in addition to the sunny beach views, he also creates new, artistic works. These paintings are known for their suggestive, loose style and are sold exclusively from his studio and through Galerie Gabriëls in The Hague. Cor Schaap's work is gaining more and more popularity and is now finding its way to enthusiasts both within the Netherlands and abroad.


Grateful moments

  • 2012 Presidential Award Hope University

  • 2015 Award-winning work KUCO Art Calendar

  • 2016 Painting AZC nms gem. Katwijk

  • 2017 Expo Palace Hotel Noordwijk

  • 2019 Expo Katwijk town hall

  • 2021 Expo center Katwijk aan Zee

  • 2022 Expo Galerie Gabriëls The Hague

  • 2023 Expo PKN Wassenaar

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